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Domestic Spending

Senate Falls One Vote Shy of Considering Sessions-McCaskill Spending Caps Amendment

The Senate has just voted to not waive a Budget Act point of order raised against the Sessions-McCaskill amendment (#3337) to the Senate

Constitutional Route Becoming Popular

Given the present economic and political climate, many are eying Constitutional changes to help improve the budget situation.

What About Education Cuts?

Deficit Challenge suggestions continue to pour in.

What Will the Budget Look Like in 2020?

In our Analysis of the President's FY 2011 Budget, we discussed that

Can Anyone Clip Byrd Scholarships' Wings?

Once again, a president is trying to get rid of a “small” scholarship program tucked away in the Department of Education.

Freeze Leaves Some Cold, Some Toasty

Today, CRFB released our Analysis of the President's FY 2011 Budget. We will be following-up here at The Bottom Line with shorter analyses discussing...

President Releases $3.8 Trillion Budget

President Obama released a Fiscal 2011 budget request today that would spend some $3.8

Is Obama the Spending Terminator?

In a blog post, this weekend, White House Communications Director Dan

Note to Clemons: Freeze Won’t Hurt Competitiveness; Too Much Debt Will

Our good friend Steve Clemons of the New America Foundation wrote in The Washington Note, this week, that President Obama's proposed spending